On 18 March, on the occasion of VeinWeek, the VeinWalk took place, bringing together different schools in a collective workout under the motto of United Poles.

The walk was preceded by a talk by Dr. Sergio Gianesini, Italian excellence in the medical field and president of the vWIN foundation (as well as dozens of other titles), who informed the population on the health benefits of veins and lymphatics in the legs thanks to Nordic Walking in simple and easy-to-understand tones.
We presented also Vein APP and vEASYt APP.

It was great to be among the promoters and organisers and to see the instructors taking notes to instruct their students that Nordic Walking is not just a sport but a true life-extending sport, a therapy that activates the heart thanks to the movement of the hands and the correct roll of the feet.

A highly educational event that will be repeated at V-Italy, which will be held on the island of Albarella (RO) from 25 to 27 May.

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