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More than 50% of the population is affected by some form of leg venous disorders, potentially leading to severe complications like thrombosis, embolism and skin ulceration.

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Not for profit public service for Venous-Lymphatic educational events GEO-LOCALIZATION around the world Synergy among vein-lymphatic educational initiatives developers around the world made possible by a FREE ACCESS advanced GEO-LOCALIZATION software allowing:1- Autonomous upload of events,2- Date & Location specification,3- Pre & post event sum up Video, Pictures and documents upload,4- Automatic sharing on Read more…


ENWI The acronym mean Italians Nordic Walking Events, the major Italian platform for this sport, launched in 2018 today is the most valuable nordic walking website, you can use a look alike platform for manage your favorite sport.


Hybrid event platform Manage your Hybrid event with this platform Attendees list Send messages to attendees Supporters list Videochat support Use your favorite streaming service Powerful backend Personalized company page From an vWin Foundation idea come MyHybridEvent platform, the most super simple and easy to use platform born to manage Read more…